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Viagra and Recreational Sex

Viagra may seem like an unlikely drug to pop up at the next house party you go to, but no one can ever be too sure what goes on behind closed doors. This once taboo pill is gradually making its rounds at college parties, clubs, and raves and being taken for recreational use and sex. It has even been found that people partake in “Viagra Parties,” a party where alcohol, illegal drugs, and Viagra are all mixed together for the purpose of getting high. Finding that there are only minor side effects, depending on the person taking the pill, many college students prefer Viagra to help them let loose and party with friends.

Since this tiny blue erection pill swept the nation in 1998, men have been able to take back their sex life and have more control over certain lagging disabilities. Celebrities like ex-presidential candidate Bob Dole and Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro have said that Viagra is their drug of choice in the bedroom.

With the heavy promotion of Viagra, it has become easier for people who do not need the drug to get a hold of it. Various generic brands imitating Viagra are sold on the internet without a prescription from a doctor. Easy access to drugs means it will probably land in the hands of the wrong consumers.

The people who are most likely holding the blue diamond shaped pill in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, ready to wash it down, are young men from the ages of 18-30, trying Viagra for fun, recreational sex, and partying.

The original intention of Viagra was to help the less fortunate, not prolong the stamina of the functional. Viagra is a prescription drug used to assist elderly men who have erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, or impotence. According to, Viagra is a “convenient pill you take only when you want to have sex. Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection when they become sexually stimulated, either physically or visually.”

By running racy campaigns saying, “Get back to mischief,” and giving the pill nick-names like poke, magic bullet, and the thrill pill, Viagra has increasingly become a hot commodity for younger people at college parties, underground raves, and in the clubs.

“I’d consider taking it just to see what happens,” says UB senior Jay Branda. “I mean, I tried alka seltzer in my mouth once to see if it’d foam.”

Curiosity is not the only driving force behind college kids using the pill, but peer pressure also plays a huge part when first trying the pill.

“I would try it if my friends were doing it and they didn’t have any side effects,” says Branda. “It’s not like I need it, but it would be fun to try.”

Even Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck have dabbled with the magic bullet. In a past interview with Playboy, Affleck was quoted saying, “I figured it’s this old-guy drug. If you can’t get a hard-on, you take Viagra. But then these guys start telling me, ‘no, no, no, you can take it too, and it’s like you were 14 and jerking off six times a day.’”

Aside from using it because you’re wondering what it will do to your body, or because every one else is doing it, this “feel good” drug cannot get you in trouble, legally. Since certain generic brands of Viagra sold on the internet do not require a written prescription by a certified urologist, a cop cannot arrest someone for taking or carrying Viagra while out at a club or party. College students are starting to make this connection and are increasingly purchasing the pill online to either sell or take for recreational fun. The pill can be sold online at websites such as,,, and, or on the black market for $25 to $30 a pill.

“Primary caregivers are commenting on seeing younger people ask for Viagra for antidotal use,” said Dr. Janice Feigenbaum, a Clinical Professor of Nursing at the University at Buffalo. “It appears to be becoming a problem with younger persons.”

About 75 percent of the drug distribution is now prescribed by general practitioners instead of urologists. This has become a problem because there is no exact scientific way to prove if a man has erectile dysfunction, and no doctor is expecting a patient to prove that they do. So, a potent male can ask their caregiver for a prescription, as long as they answer all of the right questions. It is mainly the practitioners’ responsibility to use their better judgment when prescribing the pill.

With these websites and practitioners’ selling generic replicas, Viagra is faced with the problem of trying to keep impotent men erect by taking the “thrill pill,” but also keeping that thrill away from people who are purely using it for recreation.

One of the main reasons behind most younger men using Viagra for fun and recreational sex is because it has become the “new ecstasy,” replacing cocaine and other substances as the drug of choice among various college parties and raves.

The switch in favoring drugs may be because mixing drugs and alcohol actually diminishes potency.

“By adding Viagra to the mix it actually counterbalances the natural effects of the body. Viagra has even been called the “sextacy” drug, because of its ability to counteract the decrease in potency of people misusing or abusing substances,” said Feigenbaum.

In accordance to Feigenbaum’s statement, an internet magazine called The Web of Abuse, said that “users frequently combine Viagra with alcohol or other drugs, saying it enhances sexual desire and lovemaking and gives them ‘feelings of warmth.’”

A 20 year old junior from RIT has said he and his friends use it just as if it were any other drug that makes you high and feel good.

“We use it to give us an extra kick when we party. It actually started as a joke, one of my roommates got a free trial of Viagra off line, and we dared him to try it. He was fine, so we all wanted to try it.”

This is the most common misuse of the drug that researchers have found. Younger people must realize that one person’s most fantastic, life altering experience with the pill may be another person’s nightmare.

“It all is related to a person’s own reaction to a certain drug,” said Feigenbaum. “It is never a good idea to mix drugs, and Viagra should never be mixed with drugs that contain nitrate.”

“Taking it would just be messing with fire. The risk of something going wrong isn’t worth it,” said UB senior Mike Hurley. “It’s another drug going into your system. Definitely not worth it in my opinion.”

So if taking the little blue pill that produces big results still sounds like a good idea to you, make sure it is being used for all of the right reasons.

“Viagra works best for males who are in a stable loving relationship where both partners enjoy and miss intercourse in their relationship,” says “Talk Sex” host Sue Johanson. “If he always was a lousy lover, Viagra won’t make him into instant Romeo. If she always hated sex, Viagra won’t make her a nymphomaniac. If [you] have not had enjoyable sexual activity for some time, she may just not be interested; a Viagra erection will not impress her.”


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