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Top 20 Albums You're Ashamed To Admit You Own

In every personal music collection, there exists at least one or two albums that you’re not exactly proud of—maybe the band’s not cool anymore or maybe the album just sucks. Whatever the reason, the sad truth is that at one time, buying such an embarrassing item made perfect sense. The following is a list of what we at Generation feel are the albums that contemporary college students are most ashamed of owning. For those of you not ashamed of owning one of the following albums, good for you! Maybe we can go to a Sisqo concert sometime. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering where Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli are, well we just felt they were a little too obvious.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em (1990)

A veritable "must-have" for suburban white kids

In the early '90's.

Artist: MC Hammer

Song you bought it for: "U Can't Touch This"

Excuse: I got it free with the purchase of a pair of


Forever Your Girl (1989)

The blue-print for every cheerleader-loving, poppy

piece o' crap for the last 12 years.

Artist: Paula Abdul

Song you bought it for: "Forever Your Girl"

Excuse: Shit, uh, my sister must've left this here.

Tub Thumper (1997)

The best commie/anarchist drink-along LP since

The Leon Trotsky Experience.

Artist: Chumbawamba

Song you bought it for: "Tub Thumping"

Excuse: Dude, what do you mean? I get drunk,

they sing about gettin' drunk…what don't you get?

Hangin' Tough (1988)

'Nuff said.

Artist: New Kids on the Block

Song you bought it for: Take your pick, loser.

Excuse: I only bought it because their first album was

so street.

What's the Story Morning Glory (1995)

The worst Beatles album since RINGO.

Artist: Oasis

Song you bought it for: "Wonder Wall"

Excuse: MTV told me to buy it.

Skyscraper (1988)

Roth's attempt at life after Eddie.

Artist: Diamond David Lee Roth

Song you bought it for: "Just Like Paradise"

Excuse: I shoplifted the wrong tape.

Get on Up and Dance (1996)

An essential album for anyone who likes booty bass.

(That's pronounced BASE)

Artist: Quad City DJs

Song you bought it for: "C'mon Ride It (The Train)"

Excuse: They wouldn't let us enter Myrtle Beach without it.

The Sign 1993)

Who says you need to know English to go gold in the US?

Artist: Ace of Base

Song you bought it for: "The Sign"

Excuse: Bro, they were big in Europe!

Shaq-Fu: Da Return (1994)

The logical next step for an NBA allstar (that was sarcasm).

Artist: Shaquille O'Neal

Song you bought it for: "Shaq Fu"

Excuse: Patrick Ewing gave it a good review.

Totally Krossed Out (1992)

Cute little, pre-pubescent boys getting down on some

serious gangsta shit.

Artist: Kris Kross

Song you bought it for: "Jump"

Excuse: They performed at my barmitsva.

Sunshine on Leith (1987)

Two young Scottish lads with the drive to annoy the most

tolerant of us.

Artist: The Proclaimers

Song you bought it for: "I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Excuse: ‘Benny and June’ fucking rules!

The Bodyguard: Original soundtrack Album (1992)

The second highest-selling soundtrack of all time—

Kenny G never sounded so sterile.

Artist: Alan Sylvestri, Whitney Houston, Various Artists

Song you bought it for: "I Will Always Love You"

Excuse: Dude, shut up…that was our song.

12 Inches of Snow (1993)

"Informer, you know say daddy me Snow me I go blame, a

licky boom boom down"—fucking genius.

Artist: Snow

Song you bought it for: "Informer"

Excuse: It came from Canada. How was I supposed to know

it sucks?

Up (1992)

If you own this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Artist: Right Said Fred

Song you bought it for: "I’m Too Sexy"

Excuse: There is no excuse.

Home (1995)

Another example of when Catholic School kids get a hold

of instruments.

Artist: Deep Blue Something

Song you bought it for: "Breakfast at Tiffany’s"

Excuse: It was a gift. No seriously, it was.

CMB (1991)

Laying the groundwork for all the boy bands we’ve come

to know and love.

Artist: Color Me Badd

Song you bought it for: "I Wann Sex You Up"

Excuse: C,mon, they were Donna’s favorite group on 90210.

America’s Least Wanted (1992)

Another example of a bad metal band trying to jump on the

grunge bandwagon.

Artist: Ugly Kid Joe

Song you bought it for: "Everything About You"

Excuse: I heard it in the weight room during wrestling practice so

many times that I just had to have it.

Wilson Phillips (1990)

A musical menagerie for neglected housewives everywhere.

Artist: Wilson Phillips

Song you bought it for: "Hold On"

Excuse: I got it with the Winger album for two bucks.

Mack Daddy (re-released 1998)

A first in a series of albums dedicated to fly booty.

Artist: Sir Mixalot

Song you bought it for: "Baby Got Back"

Excuse: Me, well, I prefer the butt—so it all made sense.

Gonna Make You Sweat (1990)

Proving that guys with ponytails can make it in the world of hip hop.

Artist: C&C Music Factory

Song you bought it for: "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…"

Excuse: Satan told me to buy it.

Honorable Mention

Four Non Blondes


Salt n' Peppa

Def Lepard

Bon Jovi


Eddie Murphy


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