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Welcome to this week’s installment of the Generation personals.

To all the fucking bus drivers who go between Ellicott and Lee Loop in the morning, get off your fucking power trip and open up both doors you cum sluts.

To all the students who catch the bus between Ellicott and Lee Loop, get off your fucking asses and walk.

Am I the only one finds it amusing to watch fat people eat? Boobs are Bouncy. -Tomcat

I am disrespectful, ugly, and profoundly stupid. My dick is small, but hey at least it's hairy! Sluts who want to fuck are encouraged to call my 900-number.

To the cute girl that sits next to me in business calc, you look good "all dolled up." -From the little guy who knows how to dress like a Long Islander

Cheers to the dirty room. "May the dirty only get dirtier!"

Wanted to buy: Disintegrater Ray capable illegally parked cars. When one car occupies 2-3 spaces, it must be elimanted. Termination of idiot drivers a plus.

Don't be a Steve…Don't be a Steve! -Shisky

Vicky- you are one of the coolest chicky babies I ever met. What would you say to a little rainman sweep. Your so money and you didn't know it. -your Com 101 friend

Are there any desi girls that live on the South who smoke weed everyday? Does anyone read this? -very bored

It fella down to the caar paark! -Who am I

My Pet -Eternity is in your touch- Thank you for taking me away from all- For at least a few moments everyday -Your Princess

Can't wait for the 'Chips Valentines show. Damn do I want a piece. -Flappy Lips

K Dog, Too cool got some before you. If your 13 years old brothers next then your not allowed to go to Spring Break.

Dave, Yeah, yeah, yeah…Good point. -Brian and Ed

To the sexty M.A.T, where are you? I've been looking for your body for a while now. I could've watch you do things all day long. P.S. call me! -"Rope Burn"

Prom Queen, I want my dollar back and it has to be earned on your back and not from daddy.

Everything is 3-D blasphemy.

The Sweet Home juinor high girls hang out with the prom queen and steal hard earned money from me.

There are 2 types of spliters in Chemical Engineering. One shoots out product, the other a double stream of waste product.

Ever notice one of the stalls in the SU Men's bathroom smells like silly putty? -play-doh pooper

I've yet to see a bouncer who isn't a fat ass wantabe tough guy.

If your roommate didn't pay for toilet paper, would you hide it from him? I would. -UB Dude

I see people with dicks on their faces... they don’t even know they have dicks on their faces. Do I lave a dick on my face? Sigma Mu Delta rules! Suck it!

If I walk into the SU bathroom again and see that fat, hairy ass prick talking a cow shit again I swear I’ll barf up my kidney. Hey Buddy, learn to flush. I lose my lunch everytime I see your topedo size shit.

To my Latina Queen in the Club/Oasis: “Pssst, Pssst” is just my love call to you, No disrepect. Mi amor, túeres un regalo de cielo!-Eskíndaría

To the Cashmeree Farah: If heaven had a height, you would be that tall. -Egyptain Stud

Ray, get your river juice from the dirty room!

Ari, I’m going to tell your mother you smoke crack.

Mark, yeah you. I’ve wanted you since I meet you. We may hate Harris H., but it helped me meet you. Happy Valentine’s Day!-Melissa

Mark and Darren, stop calling me your crackwhore! Betty is a better lay then Veronica.-Blue Noodle Girl

Dalton, you jerk chicken eating mutha fuck, stop touching my ass or I’ll crush your puny sac, ok? -Mursha chan the knick banger.

Yo Snake Eyes, stop leaving your used condoms on the floor. If I step on one more I’m going to bitch-slap you.-Chief Smokalotabudz

I believe in the post-modern Jesus. There is porn and beer in heaven.

Nuke the whales.

Blow-jobs $5 in the women’s bathroom in 2nd floor Capen.


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